New Part Return Policy


For your benefit we have enclosed our return policy and exchange sale and core policy. If it becomes

necessary for you to return a component purchased from Master Aviation Services, LLC we will be able

to respond to your claim more efficiently if you follow these guidelines.

• Requests to return components must be made within 25 days from date of shipment.

• Reports of shortages, overages, part damages, or part discrepancies in a shipment must be made

within 7 days from Invoice Date.

• Normal Handling Charges are 15% ($50.00 minimum/$500.00 maximum per line item) on stock items.

All other parts are subject to the vendors restocking charges. Any part removed from a sealed protective

packaging will also incur a recertification fee.

• All returns must have prior approval to return and must reference the pre-approved RA number.

Returns will be shipped with all freight and custom charges prepaid. Items received without a return

authorization number will be denied & returned to the customer freight collect.

• Original documentation, which includes all CAA/FAA Airworthiness Documentation furnished with

original shipment, must accompany the part otherwise no credit will be issued. • Please reuse the

original packing.

• Literature items are not acceptable for return.

• It is the responsibility of the recipient to notify the carrier and submit a freight claim for any damage to

the shipment. A copy of your claim and/or correspondence with the carrier must be submitted to

Master Aviation Services, LLC

• Statically sealed items must be returned unopened. For return approval, please contact any of the

Master Aviation Services, LLC Customer Service Representatives at 786-780- 2817 or email


Exchange Sale and Core Policy


• Core returns are due within 10 days domestic and 21 days international from the date the exchange

unit was shipped. Late return of a core unit will result in a late return penalty of a 3% daily charge of the

exchange billing. This charge will incur daily until the core unit is received. If the core unit has not been

returned after 60 days from the date of shipment, the core deposit will be billed and the sale considered

outright. Late return fees will still apply.

• Cores must be returned with either the Master Aviation Services, LLC “Core Return Form” or Vendor

core documentation filled out in full. Failure to provide service data information can result in core


• Cores returned that are beyond economical repair (BER), lacking completed core tags, damaged,

disassembled, or not a like part number can incur over and above standard overhaul cost or core

rejection. All core returned are subject to vendor evaluation and can incur charges deemed above

standard overhaul cost. Rejected cores will be returned to the customer at their expense. Western

Aircraft will not be responsible for parts lost or damaged during shipment.

• Vendor core policies shall supersede Master Aviation Services, LLC

policy as applicable.

• It is the responsibility of the customer to provide proof of shipment and delivery for any outstanding

cores due.

• All units containing fluids should be completely drained and capped to prevent leaking during

shipment and must comply with hazardous material shipping regulations. For core questions or issues,

please contact Master Aviation Services, LLC. Any collect shipments will be refused.


Cores and part Returns are to be returned prepaid to:

Master Aviation Services, LLC


6075 NW 82 nd Ave Miami FL 33166


Tel: 786.780.2817 


Mon - Fri: 9am-5pm